About Us

The Association of Black Sociologists is committed to scholarship, mentoring, service, and social justice.

ABS Mission

Our mission is to build a tradition of scholarship and service, informed by the interests of historically disenfranchised groups in general and Black/African American people in particular.

Key ABS Objectives

  • Enhance the transmission of sociological knowledge to Black and other historically disenfranchised groups;
  • Provide perspectives for the analysis of the experiences of Blacks and other minority groups as well as knowledge for understanding and resolving the varied problems these groups confront;
  • Stimulate and improve the quality of sociological research, teaching, and service;
  • Promote a substantial increase in the numbers of professionally trained Black/minority sociologists and encourage their active participation in all areas of sociology;
  • Promote the individual and collective interests of Black/minority sociologists; and
  • Protect the professional rights and safeguard the civil rights of Black/minority sociologists against repression that may arise from their epistemological perspectives and/or activities related to the aforementioned objectives.

ABS Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Association of Black Sociologists (ABS) respects the human qualities, both similarities and differences, present in society and in our organization. Moreover, we benefit from involvement by a varied group of individuals with different perspectives, experiences, and talents who embrace our shared organizational objectives. TheABS Executive Committee and membership encourage and promote diversity and inclusion in our organization, in academia, and in the broader community by demonstrating respect for each other and the contributions that each of us can make.

ABS welcomes and affirms a diverse and inclusive community of academics, students, and community leaders regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, color, age, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, marital status, body size, presence of disabilities, experience, economic status, educational background, educational level, employment history, job level, physical and mental abilities, professional employment, ways of learning and communicating, pregnancy, political affiliation, and other factors.

Furthermore, ABS is committed to educating, equipping, and empowering present and future generations of diverse, creative, and innovative individuals. By fostering inclusion and equality for all, ABS strives to cultivate a heterogeneous membership that can be a catalyst for societal transformation locally, nationally, and globally. Consistent with this statement, ABS endeavors to create and maintain an organizational environment free from discrimination where individuals are treated with dignity and respect. The Executive Officers ask that each member of ABS share in the responsibility of fulfilling our commitment to diversity and inclusion.