The Association of Black Sociologists is pleased to honor our members for their contributions to research, teaching, scholarship, and service.

We invite nominations, including self-nominations, for undergraduate and graduate student paper awards and for our five professional awards.

Nominations for the 2022 Awards Are Now Open

Submit nominees by August 1st.

Nominations for the Association’s professional awards and student paper awards are now open.

Student Paper Awards

Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to submit papers for consideration for the Devon T. Wade Student Paper Awards. Saida Grundy is the 2022 Student Paper Awards chair.

Professional Awards

We welcome submissions for our five professional awards. Nominators and nominees for these awards must be ABS members in good standing (financial) by the posted nomination deadline. Failure to adhere to this stipulation disqualifies the nominee. Please advise your nominee to make sure their membership is up-to-date.

The deadline for receipt of nomination and materials for these awards is August 1, 2022. A letter of nomination should state with detail and precision how the nominee reflects the aims and objectives of the award for which he or she is nominated. The strongest possible case for a nominee can be made by the submission of letters from various nominators. Supporting documents may include a nominee’s curriculum vita or other evidence of having produced a record of distinctive scholarly, administrative or public sector service for an early career scholar (Johnson Award), curriculum vita or other evidence of having produced outstanding scholarship (the Himes Award), teaching, mentoring, and service (the A. Wade Smith Award), or exemplary accomplishment in teaching, research, and organizational service to the ABS and to the discipline of sociology more generally for a minimum of twenty years (the Blackwell Founders Award). Nominations for recognition of outstanding monographs published within the previous two calendar years (the Ida B. Wells-Barnett award) do not require letters but rather the submission of hard copies of books to be considered to the awards committee.

The Jacquelyn Johnson Jackson Early Career Scholar Award 

Jacquelyn Johnson Jackson was an early member and organizer in the Association of Black Sociologists.

The Jacquelyn Johnson Jackson Early Career Scholar Award was issued for the first time in 2013. This award will be issued to an individual who has received the doctoral degree within the past ten years who reflects one or more of the following standards: 1) a record of scholarly publication that reflects distinction for an early career scholar, 2) a record of administrative or public sector service that reflects emerging leadership in the areas of social justice, diversity, multiculturalism, and the dissemination of sociological ideas or insight into one’s domain of professional service, or 3) a record of service to the Association for Black Sociologists that indicates strong capacity for becoming a future leader of the organization. The application package must include a letter of nomination and three additional supporting letters. Applicants cannot be self-nominated.

The Joseph Himes Award for Lifetime Achievement

Joseph “Sandy” Himes was a pioneering race and family scholar.

Annually, the ABS gives an award to an ABS member for their career of outstanding scholarship. The purpose of the Joseph Himes Award for a Career of Distinguished Scholarship is to honor members of ABS who have worked over a lifetime career to achieve two goals: (1) to enhance the status of theory and research specifically related to the social condition of African-Americans broadly in the context of a framework of sociological construction and (2) to recognize the contribution of the individual to the support and growth of the Association for Black Sociologists as an institution and an activist network of scholars and academicians. The individual should build on a rich history of African-American scholarship and, at the same time, have distinguished themself as a unique contributor to some aspect of African-American social organization and structure. 

The A. Wade Smith Award for Teaching, Mentorship, and Service 

A. Wade Smith was a tireless advocate for racial justice and for rising scholars in the field.

The A. Wade Smith Award for Teaching, Mentorship, and Service was established in 1998. Named in honor of A. Wade Smith, Ph.D., the award recognizes an ABS member for outstanding teaching, mentoring, and service. The A. Wade Smith Award was initiated to honor our beloved colleague and outstanding contributor to the sociology profession and to Black social thought, A. Wade Smith. The award recognizes the special and often unrecognized excellent performance in teaching and mentorship. It particularly targets members who have been dedicated and innovative teachers and those who have nurtured future scholars in the field. The award further acknowledges the crucial role played by many outstanding teachers in bringing young African-American scholars into the trying and difficult world of academic achievement. Often lacking unavailable appropriate mentors and guides for their scholarship en route to undergraduate, graduate, and, particularly, Ph.D. degrees, unique dedicated individuals provide unusual support where there are few real rewards. This award recognizes this important, and invaluable, role and those who perform it well and with pride. 

The James E. Blackwell Founders Award 

Jim Blackwell was a founding president of the Association of Black Sociologists.

The James E. Blackwell Founders Award of the Association of Black Sociologists was established in 2002 with Dr. Blackwell as the initial recipient. This award will be given annually to a member of ABS in recognition of exemplary service to the organization, lifetime achievement, and sustained contributions for 20 or more years to scholarship, teaching, and professional service.

The Ida B. Wells-Barnett Book Award (Est. 2020)

Ida B. Wells-Barnett was a fierce anti-lynching advocate and a progenitor of critical sociological theory and methods.

The Association is pleased to announce the establishment of the Ida B. Wells-Barnett Book Award, named in honor of Wells-Barnett’s pioneering sociology and social justice leadership. This award will be given annually to the best published book in the past two years (2020 and 2021). Edited volumes are not eligible and authors of nominated books must be current ABS members.