The Association of Black Sociologists Condemns Modern Day African Slavery in Libya

The Association of Black Sociologists expresses its deep outrage at the enslavement of Black Africans in Libya. This tragedy has been brought home forcefully with recent media images of slave markets openly engaging in the auctioning of Black African refugees.

Anti-Blackness remains the foundation of the devastating institutions of slavery and colonialism and their protracted legacies on our societies. We, as Africans of the Diaspora, whose ancestors have borne the vicious yolk of slavery for centuries, will not tolerate this flagrant disregard for human rights, dignity and international morality. We strongly condemn such actions against our fellow brothers and sisters on the continent, where it is clear that humanity’s fundamental right to freedom and liberty has been compromised. We also hold accountable the imperial forces for destabilizing Libya and creating the conditions for these current atrocities.

We of the Association of Black Sociologists will not standby in silence and allow Libya to become the new African export center for enslaved Africans in this the 21st century. White supremacy and anti-Blackness continue to deny Black people their inalienable rights.

We appeal to the African Union Heads of Government to issue a public condemnation of such atrocities and especially urge the Libyan government to investigate the allegations that hundreds of Black African refugees and migrants passing through Libya are being bought and sold into neo-slavery. We also call for the Libyan government to immediately free the enslaved and prosecute the traffickers. Additionally, we are appealing to the wider international community to play its part in eliminating this scourge of slavery once and for all from the planet.

About the Association of Black Sociologists (ABS)

Founded in 1970, ABS is a national professional organization of sociologists, social scientists, community activists, and students. Our mission is to build a tradition of scholarship and service, informed by the interests of historically disenfranchised groups in general and Black/African American people in particular. Furthermore, ABS is committed to educating, equipping, and empowering present and future generations of diverse, creative, and innovative individuals. By fostering inclusion and equality for all, ABS strives to cultivate a heterogeneous membership that can be a catalyst for societal transformation locally, nationally, and globally.

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